Kathryn R. Campbell
KAthryn R. Campbell

     I earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a MA in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling from the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest in Austin. Subsequently, I completed a six months course in Dream Tending at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Southern California with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat. I have also learned much from animist Ted Andrews and the African healer Malidoma Some.

     I maintain a private practice for counseling and spiritual guidance and facilitate dream groups for adults. I am a published poet and writer. I am available to conduct workshops on the connection of art and soul, on nature as teacher and healer, on therapy as soul work. I practice the healing arts of divination and dream tending.

     I live in San Antonio with my husband, James. We have two daughters and 6 grandchildren. I spend much time at home in my art room, painting my dream images.

In Dream Tending, the world of dream is the world of soul. The more you work with the dream the more you are stunned by the memory, knowledge of the future, subtlety of emotion, and hidden knowledge that is in the image. ~~~~~Marion Woodman