Kathryn R. Campbell

“Dreams are mysterious entities,
like messages from an unknown friend who is caring but objective.”
~~ James A. Hall

      My first book, DREAMKEEPERS, was published in the Spring of 2009. It is a memoir of that time in my life when I first became aware of my dreams and details the process by which they became the guiding force in my life. The book is a journey in which the reader is invited to explore their own dreams and understand their value in the events and circumstances of their life. The impact of recognition, of seeing the dream images as alive, with substance and meaning of their own, is life-changing. Dreamtending repairs the psyche and sets us on a path where our spiritual well-being is nurtured and the obstacles that hinder us from happiness can be moved aside. While DREAMKEEPERS documents my own dream-driven spiritual journey, the book might be helpful in understanding your own life and inspire you to make the needed changes.

(ISBN 978-1439224625)

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Eagle Soaring, Whale Gliding to a field of stars