Kathryn R. Campbell




     I facilitate dream groups twice a month where group members can share their dreams in a small, safe community of dreamers. As we tend the images and stories and landscapes that appear to us in the night, that which has previously been unconscious rises into consciousness. No training or previous experience is required, just an interest in dreams. For more information or to join the dream group, call or email me.

She dreamed a voice told her,
'Go to the attic and find a black box.'
Still dreaming, she found it
and slipped her hand in.
She gently lifted out a bird,
tiny, skeletal, starving.
Stricken, she wept
for this bird she had loved as a child
and then forgotten.
Her tears changed its body
into a radiant small boy who said,
'I only wanted to sing my song.'

Such a dream will change your life
--if you remember you once had a song to sing.

From Coming Home to Myself
by Marion Woodman with Jill Mellick



     The Divine is always calling us. We've just forgotten how to listen. In nature, in dreams, in chance encounters with others, in the random sounds and sights of our days, God speaks to us and desires healing and wholeness in mind, body and spirit. Our souls cry out for nourishment but, distracted by consumerism and the busyness of our lives, we feel uneasy, lonely and isolated.

     The signature of your own unique journey is written deeply in your soul. Through rock divination, animal totem readings or dream tending we will listen intently and gain wisdom from the Spirit World. You may then choose to create a tool to be used on your journey.

Discovering Your Animal Totem.
     All nature reflects the divine in the physical world. We will identify a helper that is manifesting in your life at this time and  begin to honor its presence and spirit by creating a collage of image and symbol that can help integrate this energy into your life so that you will feel supported on your journey, stronger and more powerful.

Medicine Shields.
      You will create a shield as part of your armor, your coat of arms.Your shield will define who you are and set your boundaries. It will carry the deepest desires of your heart. Its purpose is to protect, to deflect negative energy and to improve your connection to The Great Mystery. Walking with your shield is an intentional way of being in the world and will lead you home to your soul.

     Aligning with your animal totems and working from the unconscious, you will create a mask that gives substance and form to the energies infusing your life. The mask may be a connection  to a specific divine force.  It may be a reflection of your fears or your hidden strengths. The process of mask-making is transformative. You will be empowered physically, emotionally and spiritually as your mask takes form.

Traveling Altars. 
     Altars are places we stand, kneel or sit before to be reminded of all that is sacred and holy. You will make your own altar that can be carried with you everywhere you go. A visible symbol of the invisible Spirit, it will remind you that you are never alone and help you live in a greater awareness of the sacredness of your life, no matter where you are.

     Call (210) 269-8493 for more information or to schedule a dream tending or divination session.

Eagle Soaring, Whale gliding to a field of stars