Kathryn R. Campbell

"A dream is a net cast by the divine to bring us back to ourselves."
~~Marc Bregman

     I am a counselor, a psychotherapist and spiritual guide. I practice the healing arts, caring for the whole person, listening to the soul. I want all those who come to me for help to learn how to live in the present moment with passion and trust, open to whatever comes forth in your journey through life. The gifts you bring into the world may be different from mine, but the mission is the same: to be who we were born to be.

     How do we access that power within each one of us? How do we go home to our souls? In the safety of the therapeutic relationship, guided by another who has traveled in places of darkness and fear, you may find a deeper and more fulfilling life. Together, we find keys that open doors into the Infinite. We are aided by the animals that come to us as totems and teachers, by the natural world, by our dreams, by poetry and music.

    I offer dream groups, individual counseling and spiritual guidance in the San Antonio Texas area. This may take the form of short-term counseling or long-term psychotherapy. I also offer single sessions in my office for the purpose of dream tending or divination or working with animal totem connections. If you live outside the San Antonio area, or am unable to come to my office, I will do dreamwork via the phone. We will examine your dream to see how its wisdom can apply to your life.


"That afternoon the dream of the toads
rang through the elms by Little River
and affected the thoughts of men,
though they were not conscious that they heard it."
~~Henry Thoreau

Combined image of an eagles soaring and a whale gliding through environments that melt into a field of stars